Friday, August 14, 2009

FAQ - 6 What is Domain Name

Question: What is a domain name?

Answer: A domain name is a name associated with a particular computer online. In the domain name, .org is the top-level domain ("TLD"), chillingeffects is the second-level domain name, and www is a subdomain. Domain names are looked up on name servers in the DNS hierarchy to resolve them to numerical IP addresses.

A domain name registration, like a telephone directory listing, is simply a service by which the domain registry agrees to list your domain name and the corresponding IP address in its domain zone file (such as the .com zone file). The routers that forward data bits around the Internet must consult these zone files to know which machine you're using. If the registry removes the domain name from the zone file, then routers (and users) will not be able to address mail or see your website if they use your domain name. They can, however, still reach you by using your IP address.

There are over 250 top level domains (like .com, .us and .uk). Each has its own procedures for handling registrations and trademark disputes.


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