Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why register a domain with HamaraShehar?


Fortunately, unlike competition whose companies are run by non-technical persons, our company is owned and run by a technical expert, who taught students around the world in 1996 itself when the Internet was infancy stage and makes sure that our service excels technically even compared with the Top 5 IT Companies by revenue. We are proud to serve over 3,000 clients all over the world since year 2000 and survie the dot com bubble burst. We are pleased to have 98% client retention and get most of the business by referrals by existing clients. We've designed over 160,000 pages (many are database driven dynamic websites), over 2,500 panoramic views for wide variety of business segments.

Lowest Cost of Getting Online Presense & More Value Added Services

Our fee to bring your business online is lowest globally, when you consider the features and service quality. We include more services and value added features in our standard fee which otherwise costs more than double the fee that we charge. We are able to do so because we've setup and follow a structured procedures of designing, developing a website. On the surface, the developed website may look same, but the underlying code differs a lot, which effects your website maintenance, search engine ranking, download speed, etc. Assuming that a typical business owner may not have technical knowledge of websites, please consider the following few simple examples how we differ from competition.

We do NOT use any depreciated HTML code

We do NOT use any embedded font tags. We use style sheets and separate content and presentation for easier maintenance and faster web page download

Each and every web page is optimized to download fast. We remove all unwanted code and empty space from each page. Click here to see the difference of this page

We use appropriate heading HTML tags for page and sub-headings on each page, where as the competition just makes the text bold. Even though it may look same, for search engines, our page gives more value since it knows what are headings and keywords in those headings

We consolidate all javascript and other components and separate it from the web page so that it would be cached by the browser and downloads fast and also saves you a lot on the bandwidth cost

Every page is named and titled appropriately. We do NOT keep same title for all pages. We do NOT stuff titles with repeated keywords

Each and every image/picture is captioned for the search engines. To check this, just move the mouse over any non-flash image on this page and you will see the caption in a yellow rectangle right below the mouse pointer

Unlike others, we publish your email on your 'Contact Us' page in such a way that robots can not grab your email address and send SPAM

The 'Contact Us' page and other forms that we develop robots submitting the form with SPAM

Bye-Bye Templates, Customized Solutions, Always

We know your business is unique and we will make sure your website is unique as well. We do not believe in pre-made template based websites. Each business is different so is their website. Our services are personalized to meet your requirements to the best possible fit. We go extra mile to make sure we design & develop solutions in the right way. We use professional tools as well as in-house developed tools to help us in delivering solutions quickly as well as to verify the results of each stage meets strict in-house quality standards.

Business Ethics, Honesty, Technical Expertise, Strategy Guidance and zero Fine Print

As a customer, when we take services from other companies, we do not want to see any fine print. Then, how our customers are different than that? Absolutely, no fine print and everything is communicated in black & white up front. We believe in only one thing, money can be earned by different ways sooner or later. But, trust once lost, can not be won from the same client. Business Ethics, Honesty, Technical Expertise, Advising Clients about their online strategy as if their business is our own business are four pillars of our organization.

Small Business Owner & Management

We've a large technical team and project managers. In addition to the project managers, owner - an expert in web technologies who personally developed and conducted online courses in 1996 itself - also monitors all projects to make sure they are delivered as per client expectation with highest quality & web standards.


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